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Malaysians can still count on food delivery...

Should you buy cooked food in times of Covid lockdown?

Malaysians can still count on food delivery but the companies in the business should enforce all relevant practices to make sure there is no contamination up to delivery!

Rumours are Malaysia will soon go in full lockdown with the virus spreading and the infected breaching the 1000 figure.

The same is happening in Indonesia with a sudden surge in deaths on Friday rising to 32. It now has 369 cases.

Indonesia was one of the few Asian countries that did not report infections until lately.

But it is spreading fast in Indonesia and this will be more reason for the country to go on lockdown.


The question to ask, however, is whether people should resort to buying cooked food at restaurants and fast food outlets?

The self-containment seems to be coming in stages for most people.

First, there was the rush for face masks. Many went to the extent of lining up at stores in several countries to get their hands on the masks.

Then came the advice about how efficient it is to wash hands and to keep up with personal sanitization.

It caused the invasion of big-box stores in America and the stocking of tissue paper in many countries.

People were rushing for hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, cans of Lysol and toilet paper.

No one knows why Australians and Americans or Europeans were chasing after toilet paper. They were buying more such papers than anything else!

The craze reached a peak with the vanishing toilet paper in Singapore!


In this craze, we realise that some people cannot cook for themselves. They need to buy cooked food.

The Atlantic says ordering food from outside in the days of the pandemic is not a problem. The problem is in contamination during delivery.

The U.S. based paper says even if the person preparing it is sick, “cooked foods are unlikely to be a concern unless they get contaminated after cooking.”

But if someone sneezes on the food or container during delivery, then infection is likely.

But as long as the food is handled properly, there should be little risk. This is what experts told The Atlantic.

But do you really know what are the food-handling practices in your country?

Don’t panic. You can order food and there is a great chance it is not infected or contaminated. Malaysia has high standards with its Halal certification.

However, this is the time to learn how to cook your own food. This will be the safest way for families to go through this difficult period.

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