Malaysia to bid for ICAO seat says Loke

Malaysia says to bid for renewal of its interest in the ICAO

Malaysia’s Transport Minister Anthony Loke says the country will seek re-election into the Council of International Civil Aviation Organisation. He spoke at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at a reception for Ambassadors yesterday.

Malaysia will stand for re-election to Part III of the council, for a fifth consecutive term from 2019 to 2022.

Malaysia has been a member state of ICAO since 1958 and has consistently supported ICAO.

“We played an active role in this important body since we were first elected to the Council back in 2007.

“With valuable supports from the member states, Malaysia was re-elected in 2010 and subsequently in 2013 and 2016.

“And I hope we continue to have your unwavering and undivided support this year,” says Loke.

Speaking to reporters, Loke says the government will continue its effort to secure more support from other countries.

“Re-elected, we can have a say in the council,  determining the future path and policies of the global aviation sector.

“Not to mention that it could also boost our country’s image, as a nation that is responsible and respected globally.

“It is also part of our foreign policy to play a constructive role in various global agencies. ICAO is an important body for us being a country that is aiming to be an aviation hub,” he says.

Civil aviation industry in Malaysia has seen tremendous growth over the last years. The continuing initiatives by both the government and industry players paid out.

<<We are focused on transforming our nation into an aviation hub in the region>>

Malaysia was elected again in 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Malaysia assumed an active and prominent role in the council and its many panels, committees and working groups.

“We hope we will be given the mandate again, as we have a good track record.

“During our tenure in the ICAO council, Malaysia gave its best in supporting ICAO’s initiatives to promote safety, security, efficiency, environment protection and rule of law in international civil aviation.

“Malaysia is highly committed to continuously contribute significantly towards achieving ICAO’s vision in the global aviation industry,” he adds.

Malaysia will contribute US$50,000 to ICAO’s African Aviation Security and Facilitation Plan.

This is in support of ICAO’s various priority areas and safety, security programmes, says the minister.

Another US$50,000 will be contributed to the ICAO’s Aviation Safety and Security fund.

Additionally, he says Malaysia will contribute another US$100,000 for the ICAO Environment Fund in support of green aviation.

“All these contributions have been approved by the Malaysian Cabinet and we are in the midst of channelling them to ICAO,” he says.

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