Malaysia: Deport Zakir but Pakatan risk losing Muslim support?


Will Malaysia deport Zakir Naik with the risk the Pakatan Harapan government may lose more Muslim support?

This is what appears to be the latest scenario in the Zakir Naik saga.

Pro-Harapan supporters tell WFTV Pakatan would win a fight, but the war will be lost.

They say for the past one year Zakir was facing attacks from all sides, but he remained patient and mostly silent.

“They anticipated him not to fight back. But when he responds to their aggressions against him, then he is suddenly involved in local racial politics?” asked one of them.

He says it is no secret Malaysia is all about racial politics anyway. No doubt about it. “See all the abusive words they were throwing at Zakir? Bastard, terrorists, Deport him, while he was silent,” he adds.

They even asked the government to let him take his responsibility and ask him to defend himself in India.

“He was patient enough for the past one year but he has the right to defend against such attacks.

“Look what at Indian PM Modi is doing to Muslims in India. None of the locals attacking Zakir has anything to say on the treatment of Muslims in India.

“It is actually a miracle. How can one man shake India and Malaysia to the bone at the same time?

“Isn’t it a miracle? Allah will look after him and there will be 1000’s of Zakir Naik who will rise worldwide,” he says in a letter to WFTV.

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At WFTV, we fight for just causes. We are not fighting for Zakir Naik. But we believe there is a limit in disparaging people.

Many are now saying Zakir’s statement is taken out of context. With Anwar Ibrahim and PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad deciding on Zakir’s future soon, we hope patience will prevail.

As for Dr Zakir Naik, we did advise him on this platform not to get involved in local politics and to continue his ‘da’wa’ technics.

Nevertheless, we believe Anwar and Dr Mahathir should give him one last chance. Why? Sending him back to India risk getting him eliminated.

Will Malaysia deport Zakir Naik with the risk the Pakatan Harapan government may lose more Muslim support? A black dot in Malaysia foreign affairs...
The crowd during Zakir Naik speech in Kelantan which was distorted by his opponents,
says some Malaysians who spoke to WFTV

Malaysia will have that on its consciousness for centuries. A Muslim deported from a majority Muslim nation and his life ends in the hands of his enemies in India?

That will be a sore dot in Malaysia’s rich history of aid and help to foreigners.

We hope they might give him a firm warning and perhaps do not let him speak in public events.

As long as he does his propagation of Islam in private, no one should bother.

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