Lucky I did not end up like murdered Saudi journalist: Blogger to BBC


The BBC reports the UAE deported a Mauritian blogger who says he is a victim of a political plot.

"Being detained in Al Awir Central Jail for three days gives you goosebumps. At one point in time, I thought I would end like [murdered Saudi journalist] Jamal Khashoggi."

This is the chilling statement made by Shameem Korimbocus in a report published by the BBC.


Detained at Al Awir Central Jail, he says in an interview to a local radio station in Port Louis, he says he believes the people who arrested him were 'secret agents'.

Yesterday's BBC report quotes Shameem Korimbocus saying the police put a hood on his head in Dubai. They then put him in jail.

However, the blogger seems to be the person who alerted the portal.

The British portal also says his son was with him in the flight. Shameem landed in Mauritius last week on an Emirates flight from Dubai.

Nevertheless, many 'Facebook' users are questioning the motives and the validity of his statement back in Mauritius.

Some saying he paid for his tickets and for his son's ticket to come back to Mauritius to play a role in local politics.

Others say he will never be given a ticket by any political parties and this is perhaps due to the absence of an explanation from Dubai.

There is no statement from Shameem that he is likely to be a candidate in the upcoming elections.

All he says is he will be forever present on his page, nagging the wrongdoers.

In the BBC reports Shameem says, "The police covered my head with a hood and took me to prison."

Inconvenient Truth now in Mauritius a challenge to MSM-ML READ HERE

"Mr Korimbocus' Facebook, The Inconvenient Truth ("La vérité ki pou dérange zot" in Mauritian Creole)," notes the BBC.

It has almost 60,000 followers. His posts are often satirical and others, like the one below criticising the prevalence of drug trafficking in Mauritius.

Shameem is openly critical of the government, has been living in Dubai for eight years. The local police did not arrest him on arrival in Mauritius, sparking rumours on his status.

Speaking to reporters Mauritius' Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth says: "If he says there is a political motive behind this situation, question him about it, and not me.

"Besides, he had no problem when he returned home."I expect him to send me correspondence to explain to me what happened to him."

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