Ex-wife challenges Kelantan Sultan’s lawyer to tell the truth

Rihana Petra or Oksana Voevodina the ex-wife of the Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V is in a fighting mood.

She posted an Instagram story in which she seems to challenge the lawyer of the Sultan, Koh Tien Hua.

The story has a picture of the lawyer having a meal and is written in English.

In the post, she says, “Koh Tien Hua is going to bring public apologies for being not professional lawyer and insulting and slandering and giving lie comments to the media about paternity of our son!”

In July, the Singapore based lawyer told The Sunday Times Sultan Muhammad V had divorced her last month by three talaqs.

A screenshot of the Instagram story

This was done in the presence of two competent Muslim witnesses.

But the ‘queen’ rejected the assertions they were divorced, saying she was not in Singapore at that time and could not have been divorced.


She insisted there were no divorce proceedings, calling the lawyers statement ‘an act of provocation.’


Rihana’s post is about the paternity of Leon Ismail, the child born after she married the Sultan.

The lawyer made a statement indicating doubts from the Sultan on the paternity of the child.

Koh had said: “There is no objective evidence as yet as to the biological father of the child. On behalf of His Royal Highness, we request his privacy be respected.”

The former Miss Moscow is slowly telling her side of the story, talking about the Sultan’s confessions to her on Instagram.

She said he told her that “women always used him for money” and that having children “was the biggest dream of his life”.

She also told her followers how for the first time in her life she saw a man lay down a Muslim prayer mat to perform the prayers in front of her.

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