Did you know the Sony Walkman is 40 years old!


Sony Walkman is 40 years old and sony built a ‘Walkman’ wall to celebrate the first one sold.

The iconic Sony Walkman is 40 years old – that is the very first that was sold on the market.

The very young will ask what the … is a Walkman? Many still remember and most of the younger generation know what it was to have a Walkman.

Exactly 40 years ago, the genius was out of the hat and the Walkman was the in thing.

To celebrate the anniversary of the first Walkman sold (the TPS-L2), Sony is showing off the history of the portable music player in central Tokyo.

The exhibition will run through until September 1st.

Writers and experts will offer interviews and talks on the iconic cassette (and CD) player series.

It came as a revolution in the music industry and made life easier for people who used to carry the bulky radio around on their shoulders.

Sony built a “Walkman Wall”, and the whole thing shouldn’t be hard to find — a giant neon-yellow WM-F5 will lead the way.

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