A public display of the multifaceted use of drones in business

The Malaysian technology company, The Kambyan Network’s training arm organized “JUST DRONE IT” event with the main focus of educating and knowledge sharing for the public.

Focusing on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Systems or DRONES, there were many different models featured in the event.

Drones and Robots which may have started as toys and a hobby, today they serve a higher purpose in many industries especially the manufacturing, agricultural, oil and gas and logistics field.

Rising above the machines we had two guest speakers at the Tech talk session.

Associate Prof. Dr Sagaya Amalathas who is the Programme Director from Taylors University explained how Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are digital skills relevant in the future of the workforce.

She said it was not only for the youths but also for working adults who need to up-skill themselves.

On the aerospace front, Mr David Cirulli from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Singapore talked about the exciting developments that are coming up in High Altitude Platforms and Urban Airmobility.

Participants were mainly hobby enthusiast who started their own business of sharing gadgets with other likeminded individuals creating a community. Some of them were groups like KamiKakiDrone, DroneEmpire and Planet

Airborn Laser Cutter

The star of the event “AleX“ Airborne Laser Cutter (ALC) Mark 1 is the Laser Harvesting Drone weighing 3 kg and is approximately 0.7m in diameter.

AleX is a prototype which has been researched and developed by Kambyan Network since 2018.

AleX has been developed by a group of young engineers who are keen to solve the main issues faced by the Palm Oil plantation owners in Malaysia, harvesting.

Also on show was the Joyance Fertiliser Spraying Drone which is being introduced locally.

These drone models, are mainly used in the agricultural industries, which Kambyan Network is revolutionising by introducing a whole new Digital Agricultural system.

Says Captain Sudhir, Group Executive Director of the Kambyan Network said, “Logically thinking as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) is here and all industries are moving towards using Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics within the near future, remember Moore’s Law, it is still relevant, only that we are at a point where the materials we have today have reached their mature life and are expiring.

“This means just like the iron and bronze ages; the silicon age is over. It is an age where new materials are enveloping and breaking all rules.

“To be relevant in this current time we need to create new paradigms ahead of time as life on earth would have totally evolved for compatibility with life on Mars or asteroids. It is coming and the Future is Now! So our training style and education systems must evolve, we cannot afford to be irrelevant! This is the difference of an Adroit graduate compared to any other College graduate” he further adds.

Home Invasion: Are thieves put-off by smoke?

Anti-thief fog protects the house…an innovative way to get thieves away from your house?

Are you worried about robberies and home invasions? Here’s a smokey way to put-off thieves.

Once they break into your house, the security system you install will trigger a ‘fog machine’ that will discharge fog (for real).

The discharge happens within seconds of a break-in. The intention is to block an intruder’s vision. With the room or house foggy, the intruder cannot see much.

It prevents them from stealing your valuables. The fog will persist in the room for up to 1 hour.

During that time, law enforcement officers will surely arrive at your doorstep.

But then, this is not what we have in Malaysia or Singapore. Not even in Mauritius.

Note that the fog is harmless and is not residual. The security system is discreet, installed behind walls or above ceilings for both commercial and home use.

Penang event discusses the role of plastic in daily lives

George Town, Penang, saw the second edition of In.Tech Conference, a platform to inspire industry players to engage and innovate with technology.

This year’s theme centred around sustainability and saw key plastics industry players, government officials, and solution providers discussing on how businesses should innovate.

“This year’s conference explores conversations surrounding sustainability, as we deem it important for all stakeholders to have honest and intimate conversations about building sustainable businesses, which would ultimately benefit the communities we live in. 

“Sustainability should not only be addressed as an isolated initiative within organisations but must be seen as an important component that would drive the growth of businesses holistically,” says Wan Imran, CEO of PAPER + TOAST, organiser of the conference. 

According to Wan Imran, the goals of In.Tech Conference are to showcase innovative solutions and new disruptive technologies while creating intimate engagement as a catalyst for decision-makers to transform their businesses. 

The Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow was also present to officiate the conference.

“Penang is at the forefront of many green initiatives and it is our goal to build a green and smart Penang. 

“But a goal as big as this cannot be carried out alone. This needs to be a collaborative effort with all parties. That is why the Penang state government is willing to engage with industry leaders so that the most effective decisions can be made and carried out,” says Chow.

With the tagline of “Going Beyond Reduce”, the conference hosted in-depth conversations on sustainable solutions that can be adopted by the plastics industry. As a result, industry stakeholders collectively agree that reducing the use of plastics is only a temporary solution to a much greater problem.

One of the collaborating partners for In.Tech Conference 2019 is Lean Giap Group of Companies. Both subsidiaries under the group, Toling Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd and LGE Plastic Sdn Bhd have been in the plastics trading space for 40 years. Both Toling Corporation and LGE Plastic are the top plastic resins trading company in Malaysia.

According to the management team at Lean Giap Group of Companies, plastic is still an inherent part of everyone’s lives. Hence, dialogue sessions like the ones held at In.Tech Conference 2019 will redefine the company’s approach towards sustainability for the benefit of the community.

Other partners and sponsors of In.Tech Conference 2019 include CommoPlast Sdn. Bhd., Lotte Chemical Titan (M) Sdn. Bhd., Mega Fortris (M) Sdn. Bhd., Milliken Asia Pte. Ltd., and Frost & Sullivan. 

Photo: Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang giving the opening address to the audience of In.Tech Conference 2019.

Hong Kong paper: Boycott of non-Muslim goods a ‘ticking time bomb’

Sultan Nazrin describes the situation with fake news and the boycott of non-Muslim goods as a “ticking time bomb”.

This is what the South China Morning Post says in an article on Malaysia.

Analysts speaking to the Post links the situation to a campaign of fake news. They say that continues to stoke racial and religious tensions.

Messages urging the country’s Malay-Muslim majority to boycott goods produced by non-Muslims have been actively shared on social networks.

Facebook and WhatsApp chat groups are filled with such calls. Mini-markets with non-Muslims ownership are in a list of places to avoid.

Perak Sultan Nazrin Shah criticised those spreading hate speech and fake news.

“Placing dolls and hurling pork at mosques, placing of a cow’s head at a Hindu temple and spreading false news on social media will spark more hatred,” he said.

“These disgraceful acts and hate speech need to stop immediately. It’s not healthy, as it puts the country in a dangerous situation.”

“Is getting political support worth acting in such a way?” he asked. “What satisfaction can they get when the blood of the people is spilled, bodies are piled up, buildings are razed and vehicles are burned?

Halal industry woes

The paper says the local halal food and beverage industry in Malaysia has a net worth of 50 billion to 55 billion ringgit this year.

Nevertheless, Yeah Kim Leng, an economics professor at Sunway University, says non-Muslim businesses could be badly hit.

He pointed out that will happen if people heeded the boycott calls. And it will hit the halal sector – which covers food and beverage, cosmetics and health care products – which non-Muslim businesses also serve.

The boycott is yet another instance of racial and religious tensions that have plagued the ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition.

Barisan Nasional’s largest and most powerful party, the United Malays National Organisation (Umno). However, it is now in opposition for the first time since its formation.

The party, in power for 61 years lost the May elections last year.

Upcoming Rally

SCMP says the transformation of Malaysia’s political landscape has been marked by a push to exploit ethnic and religious differences for electoral gain.

Lately, Umno has teamed up with the Islamic Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) to take on Mahathir’s ruling coalition.

The opposition is banking on the strong showing by the Democratic Action Party or DAP to hit the Pakatan in the flanks.

The Umno-PAS is planning a ‘monster’ rally this Saturday. It hopes the rally will boost its chances to fight the Pakatan on the national stage.

It will also mean the Malay-Muslims would have accepted a deal between the Umno and the PAS. This is something was not possible before the 2018 elections.

Grace Kelly and Hermes’ sac a depeches!

Ex-wife challenges Kelantan Sultan’s lawyer to tell the truth

Rihana Petra or Oksana Voevodina the ex-wife of the Kelantan Sultan Muhammad V is in a fighting mood.

She posted an Instagram story in which she seems to challenge the lawyer of the Sultan, Koh Tien Hua.

The story has a picture of the lawyer having a meal and is written in English.

In the post, she says, “Koh Tien Hua is going to bring public apologies for being not professional lawyer and insulting and slandering and giving lie comments to the media about paternity of our son!”

In July, the Singapore based lawyer told The Sunday Times Sultan Muhammad V had divorced her last month by three talaqs.

A screenshot of the Instagram story

This was done in the presence of two competent Muslim witnesses.

But the ‘queen’ rejected the assertions they were divorced, saying she was not in Singapore at that time and could not have been divorced.


She insisted there were no divorce proceedings, calling the lawyers statement ‘an act of provocation.’


Rihana’s post is about the paternity of Leon Ismail, the child born after she married the Sultan.

The lawyer made a statement indicating doubts from the Sultan on the paternity of the child.

Koh had said: “There is no objective evidence as yet as to the biological father of the child. On behalf of His Royal Highness, we request his privacy be respected.”

The former Miss Moscow is slowly telling her side of the story, talking about the Sultan’s confessions to her on Instagram.

She said he told her that “women always used him for money” and that having children “was the biggest dream of his life”.

She also told her followers how for the first time in her life she saw a man lay down a Muslim prayer mat to perform the prayers in front of her.

Hermes’ sac a depeches!

Bangsamoro region seeking investors from Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia

The newly established Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) is wooing investors from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to invest in the region.

Malaysia’s role as peacemaker will be elevated to investor and participant in the development of the region while Turkey’s aid is sought in the development of other sectors like agriculture etc.

The interim chief minister of the BARMM, Murad Ibrahim is encouraging the international business community to consider investing in the newly established region

Speaking to Arab News, Murad says plans were afoot to hold an investors’ forum. “We are just finalizing our development plan.”The aim he says is to send signals to the world that the situation in Mindanao is improving, adding that a recent meeting with an official from a Saudi delegation to the region had given him great encouragement.

“He gave his commitment that he will help convince the business community in Saudi Arabia to try to invest in the BARRM. He even asked for our development plan so he can present it to them,” Murad says.

“I could see they are really interested, especially given Saudi shortages of animal feeds. They need suppliers and they’re looking at us as a possible source. We have the potential to produce halal food, too so we can supply halal products as well.”

“It is very important for investors to come, in order to create job opportunities and also for the international community to see that something is happening on the ground,” Murad said.

Last month, Murad led officials at a meeting with Malaysian representatives to discuss the possibility of strengthening development ventures in the region.

Malaysia is a major supporter of the Bangsamoro struggle. 

The establishment of the new region in the conflict-ridden region in the Philippines came under a peace deal brokered by Malaysia early this year.

Under the deal – aimed at combatting militant groups aligned to the Islamic State (IS) in southern Philippines – the rebels abandoned their goal for a separate state.

Broader Autonomy

They are now enjoying broader autonomy.

The Bangsamoro region is the new regional and political entity established under a peace agreement between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Philippines government.

It is designed to provide enhanced self-governance to the Muslim-majority provinces. 

Murad said there is now relative peace in the region. “In fact, gradually many investors are now coming here to visit. So, I think it’s because of the situation, we now have relative peace in the area and they’ve also seen the conduct and turn out of the plebiscite (last January). There was overwhelming support from the people,” he says in an interview with the Saudi paper in Cotabato.

Lawyer Wencelito Andanar, Malacañang’s special envoy to Malaysia, accompanied a Malaysian delegation on a two-day visit to Cotabato City.

The Malaysian Embassy’s Charge D’Affaires Rizany Irwan Muhammad and Assistant Trade Councilor Irvin Francis, as well as officials of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry headed by its president, Edward Ling accompanied the delegation.

Murad cited the need to “elevate the strategic partnership between BARMM and Malaysia from being peace partners to being development partners.”

He told reporters: “Helping BARMM as a brother and a relative is part of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad’s ‘prosper-the-neighbors’ policy.”

The New Economy: The Joke about Gojek?

The New Economy: The Joke about Gojek?

Is this the future of economic activities in Malaysia? That is ride Gojek and drive Grab at night while the boss of your day job sells satay at night?

A joke is making rounds on Whatsapp in Malaysia, and it shows the fun people are having with the Cabinet giving green light to a motorcycle e-hailing service.

It goes as follows:

Present Economy of Malaysia

Employee: Boss, from tomorrow, I will go home at 6 pm sharp daily.

Boss: Why, what happened?

Employee: Sir my Salary is not sufficient for me. I want to drive grab at night. I have to support my family.

Boss: Ok. Go ahead. But, if you feel hungry at night, come to Bukit Bintang

Employee : Why Sir?

Boss: I sell satay there.


Here comes Gojek

Malaysians are very fond of technology. But do not bullshit them.

They will go all the way up to make fun of you if you propose something they feel is useless or ridiculous.

The government has given its green light for Gojek, the motorcycle e-hailing services to come to Malaysia.

This too got the Malaysians yapping.

Some say it is haram. Because it will allow Muslim women to ‘hug’ non-Muslim men while riding the bikes.

But there is a Malaysian version of Gojek. And it did not get any attention from the Malaysian government. Until lately.


To make things worse for the government, the local company called Dego said the following: Its app allows for female users to book a motorcycle ride with a female rider.

The Gojek project caused an uproar over certain comments (as per above). There is also a public debate over the Cabinet’s decision to give its green light to Gojek.

This forced the Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq to meet up with the founder of Dego Ride, Nabil Feisal Bamadha.

They met to discuss future plans for the e-hailing service that garnered 1,500 riders and more than 60,000 users—before they were banned by the previous government.

Nevertheless, Malaysians are saying allowing Gojek on the streets – is a step backwards.

The government says it is a step to allow people to earn additional income.

And there is the haram-halal debate.

Will you Gojek or not? Will your boss allow you to work Gojek part-time? This is the shape of the new Malaysian economy to come!

Blow to China, Vietnam says no to Huawei

What does MASE COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL have to do with MAS?

We know that Malaysia Airlines has a dodgy business model. It is not a successful company and the politikus are after it to perform.

We also heard of allegations it is a cash cow, used as a model to generate hush funds for some politicians. We now hear that this was in the past.

Malaysia Airlines is moving into a different direction where profitability will be at its core.

But there are many questions on its past operations. One raised by blogger Ganesh Sahathevan shows an interesting link to a potentially explosive story.

In the aftermath of the MH17 incident, inquiries uncover an unknown entity in Amsterdam

The MH17 incident brought some disturbing findings got the blogger questioning the existence of an unknown entity.

The blogger says Malaysian taxpayers would want to get answers, given the Malaysian Government funding got the airline going for the past 30 years.”

He is talking of the Perram J’s findings in the Gibson v Malaysian Airline System Berhad (Class Membership) [2019] FCA 1399 (28 August 2019) inquiry.


A ticket bought online by a Dr Dyczynski shows that the Dr was in Australia at the time of purchase, but the ticket was issued by Malaysia Airlines office in Kuala Lumpur.

It also shows the issuing agency was an entity called ‘M A S E COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL’ located in the Netherlands.

Hence, Mr Sahathevan says this would be of interest to anyone who has had reason to analyse MAS’s earnings and business over the decades.

“The existence of MASE COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL is not widely known (if at all) and it does raise the question whether there are other such entities that MAS employs or has employed for the collection of its revenue.”

There are then issues of shifting revenue to jurisdictions other than those in which MAS is assumed to conduct its business.

“MAS has had a visible presence in Australia for many years and the finding that Australia is not the  “airline’s place of business ”  will come as a surprise to many (despite the legal basis for the finding).”

He asks if the revenue earned by entities such as MASE COMMERCE AMSTERDAM NL is coming back to Malaysia, or is it going elsewhere?

“Is there a discrepancy between earnings booked in Malaysia and actual cash earnings?” he asks.

Can Morgan Stanley stop MAS swallow another RM25b of taxpayers’ money?

Selamat Datang Ke Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur is the second friendliest city in the world.

Vancouver is first but Kuala Lumpur beats Singapore which is in 24th place in the listing.

Netizens said Malaysians are naturally friendly and very accommodating to strangers.

Respondents called the temperament of the locals “easy-going.”

They said it was not difficult at all to make friends in the Malaysian city.

That is if you minus the occasional taxi drivers who charge tourists extra, or really overcharge them. Like hundreds of US dollars extra from the original taxi fares.

Or if you forget the same taxi drivers who dare charge the locals more than the legal fares.

But it is great that Kuala Lumpur did so well in the minds of the pollsters. Coming second is a great place and the city will surely do its best to stay on top, or even top the list.

Here’s who made it into the top 10:

Vancouver, Canada
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Bruges, Belgium
Taipei, Taiwan
Hamburg, Germany
Dublin, Ireland
Christchurch, New Zealand
Nashville, USA
São Paulo, Brazil
Glasgow, Scotland

Watch this video on Putrajaya, Malaysia’s modern city

The mischievous plot behind a movement to oust Zakir Naik

In a statement seeking ‘Justice for Dr Zakir Naik’, the Movement for an Informed Society Malaysia (WADAH) says vested interests misconstrued the latter’s statements to get him out of Malaysia.

The movement says it is deeply concerned about the trickery and chicanery by the vested interests and their use of the misconstrued imagery of the Islamic preacher to create racial tensions and religious strife.

“These are efforts to prejudice and propaganda efforts to persecute and slander Dr Zakir Naik to get him deported back to India.

“This is the wish of the present hardline Indian government which is becoming more estranged and is departing away from its secular and plural character,” says the organisation.

Deport Zakir and Pakatan risk losing Muslim support?

It says so far there has been no evidence of Zakir’s wrongdoing in India despite accusations of terrorism.

“Even the Interpol has refused to issue a red notice on him because of a lack of credible prosecution nor substantial evidence.

WADAH is of the opinion —in line with many others— that forcing Dr Zakir Naik to return to India would be as if he was being sent to the gallows because he would be treated badly and even tortured.”

“The political landscape of our country has changed from a corrupt and crooked government. 

“However instead of a government of visionary leadership and reformed governance, it is now undergoing chauvinistic strife and internal conflict in almost every social policy it seeks to implement,” says its president, Ahmad Azam Ab Rahman.

Exaggerating the issues and controversies surrounding Dr Zakir Naik’s preaching is irresponsible. It is from those who “still rely on ethnic and chauvinistic causes to champion their political aspirations.”

Wadah calls for the return of wisdom and firmness in leadership to give people hope and harmony as a united nation.

it says Zakir, who is the 2013 Recipient of the National Maal Hijrah Award, must be given justice and protection from tyranny and persecution.